How to buy a gaming monitor.

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Looking to buy best gaming monitor, but don’t know how and what are the features that you have to look? Does HDMI 2.0 matter? What is HDR? If you are the one looking for a device for battlefields and all you are the one and only person with these questions. We have made this guide for you; we hope it helps you in getting answers to all your questions.  

Purchasing a gaming monitor is way harder than buying a device for your regular use. Especially if you are like most of us and are budget constraints and are looking for cheap gaming monitor. You have different factors while you select any device to play any game, first one is the types of games you play and other one is capabilities of GPU you use while saving the money. If you are a gamer then pints and pixels are also most important factors for you to add it in the list. 


If you are the one who do not want to spend more time in thinking while selecting a device, best quick recommendation is a 27-inch flat-screen IPS display with 1440 (quad HD) resolution with a refresh rate of 144Hz or better DisplayHDR 600. You can find some of the best choices in the budget of $250 and $500. If you want to decrease your budget then you can go for 24-inch 1080p model (aka full HD) with a 144Hz or faster refresh rate in the budget of $150 to $250. 

If you have to invest in best and most expensive device, then you can go for a device having really good monitor of 32 inches or bigger with 4K-plus resolution at refresh rates starting at 120Hz and HDR with 1,000 nits or more brightness, you can find this device in the budget of $1000. 

24 inches can be a bit smaller for any gaming setup and if you are using the PC for whole day or if you want to use the PC to play games for whole day you should choose the device wisely. If you want to connect gaming consoles to PC you can go with any monitor but some of the PCs are specially optimized for big tasks. 


If you are looking for best options for devices you should go for single monitor setups and should select medium sized PCs. If you’ll go for too small PCs then after sometime you will regret buying it. There are also some wide screens that you can buy for gaming, such screens are 34-inch displays with lower-than-4K resolutions. 

Make sure that the device you buy have adjustable height that you can use comfortably, can adjust the height while working and can easily tilt it to a usable angle. You should go for the stand which can easily rotate 90 degrees. It can be helpful if you want to combine multiple monitors. 


While looking for best buy gaming PC, you should have a good space, budget and size. Screen size should be based on the length if the diagonal which will make it easy to compare the monitor sizes and screen which will be the ratio of horizontal to vertical pixels. 


If we talk about the comparison between curved and flat monitors then I would personally go for curved monitor as it will help you to get better and wider display without forcing you to sit back or too far.  If you are sitting at a desk, you’ll need a curve computer monitor

If you have decided to get a screen that is 27 inches or below, you should go for three-monitor gaming setup, it will be more practical application. And if you’ll go for small curved PC, it is just not worth and will not even look prettier. 


HDR refers to scenes that are rendered with brighter highlights, details and a wide range of colour and it will also help in getting better-looking images. Xbox series and forthcoming Windows are introducing the AutoHDR that will help in expanding the brightness and colour ranges of non-HDR games


Answer for this question totally depends on your needs. For example, if you want to get a fast-gaming monitor to play games and higher-resolution displays for work, it will be a lot cheaper if you can get two screens than choosing one single screen. 

If you are looking for best and most colour accurate monitor and want high-brightness, you can go for two small screens. But, if you want to cover less space covered by screen, you can go for one single screen. 


It can matter at some point but not always. If we talk about current monitors your choices are between VA (vertical alignment) and IPS (in-plane switching). Manufactures refers to some panels as “high speed” IPS, but it is just to measure the distance of old perception that IPS have slow pixel response.  


Refresh rate refers to the number of times per second that a screen can update and can produce unwanted artifacts, like blur, tearing and stuttering effect.  Current refresh rate are 300Hz or 360Hz, which can come on small screens (less than 27 inches) and only in some panels that don’t have wide range of colours in it. Most of the gamers go with 120Hz to 240Hz. 


If we talk about cheap gaming laptop and cheap gaming PC there are many different options you can avail such as Dell G3 15, Acer Nitro 5, HP Omen 15, MSI Alpha 15, MSI GF63 and many more.  

Most of people now a days are earning by video game live streaming and uploading their gaming videos on YouTube channels. Except YouTube there are many different platforms that you can use to stream games. If you are new to game streaming platforms, then we have created a list for you. Dropped down are some of the best streaming platform for gaming that you can use: 






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Suggested Games

Sticky Goo
Classic Bowling
Jumper Frog
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