Dragon Ball: The Breakers Announced For PC and Console Games

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Bandai Namco just revealed the release date for the upcoming console Dragon Ball video game. Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be released on PC and consoles in 2022, and it will be a departure from the regular Dragon Ball fare in terms of storey and characters. Fighting games have been associated with the Dragon Ball franchise for quite some time. A slew of games have been released throughout the years, each with a different level of quality and reputation among fans, but Bandai just struck gold with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In total, nearly 8 million copies of both games have been sold, one because it is a detailed Dragon Ball simulator and the other because it is the best fighting game Dragon Ball Z has ever had. It makes perfect sense to stray away from the genre at this point because those are difficult to top.


Dragon Ball has also experimented with a variety of various genres in the past. Dragon Ball Z has a fairly lengthy history of role-playing games and action RPGs, the most prominent of which was Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, released in 2017. Adaptations of Goku's voyages are quite popular, and the format allows for a great deal of non-canon elements to be incorporated into the stories. Dragon Ball has explored a wide range of genres in its long history. Still, The Breakers appears to be pushing the brand on an altogether new path by focusing on an innovative genre slowly rising in popularity over the past several years.


What is Dragon Ball: The Breakers all about?


With a setup comparable to Dead by Daylight and the Friday the 13th video game, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an unequal multiplayer title emphasising teamwork. For the role of Survivors, up to seven players will be assigned to play as regular residents of the Dragon Ball universe who have been pulled into the Temporal Seam and must attempt to escape. The eighth player takes on the role of a Raider, who can come in the form of Cell, Buu, or Frieza and wreak havoc on the survival and their attempts to flee the battlefield. Raiders become more powerful as time goes on, so survivors must equip themselves and move quickly. A power discrepancy of this magnitude has never been witnessed in a Dragon Ball game before, and The Breakers is based on this power mismatch as its central premise.


To defeat the attempts of one of Dragon Ball's most powerful arc villains, as well as the efforts of the Survivors themselves, the Survivors must band together and use every resource at their disposal. Survivors must figure out how to operate a Super Time Machine placed on the playing field to flee and win the match. To accomplish this, they will need to use vehicles, weaponry, tools, and weapons scattered throughout the area in order to gain an advantage and complete goals. While the usual emphasis on fighting and high-flying mobility hasn't changed, it appears that developer Dimps is adding the vibe of its Xenoverse titles to this next Dragon Ball Z game. On the other hand, Survivor players prefer not to engage in direct combat with Raiders when they can avoid it.


In What Way Does Dragon Ball: The Breakers Set Itself Apart?


Everything about Dragon Ball: The Breakers is opposed to the other Dragon Ball games and the majority of Dragon Ball media in general. It is not something that the Dragon Ball series has given much attention to, emphasising escape and a sense of powerlessness in the face of a supernatural opponent. Sure, there are several instances in which outmatched fighters attempt to buy time until a more capable ally arrives, but untrained people are not permitted to participate in large battles. When the closed beta test for this game is released, it will be interesting to observe how well it is balanced and what tools and abilities both sides are permitted to employ.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is most likely a Bandai Namco experiment to explore if the Shonen Jump properties of the Dragon Ball franchise might be applied in an unbalanced multiplayer setting. Even in the larger sense of animation games, there isn't anything quite like this one in terms of asymmetric aims. Probably the closest comparison would be the ability for players to command raid bosses in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which is still presented as combat. Despite the fact that Bandai is most likely following a pattern, this is a breath of new air in the animation gaming industry. The hope is that Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be a successful test case for alternate adaptations of popular franchises. Fans will be treated to an even greater variety of licensed games in the future.


The Statement From Ryosuke Hara, the producer of Dragon Ball:


 "We can't wait for players to experience this completely different take on the Dragon Ball franchise!" remarked Ryosuke Hara, the producer of Dragon Ball: The Breakers (Bandai Namco Entertainment) in a press statement. "We are collaborating with the Dimps team to create a completely new entertaining asymmetric multiplayer gameplay that we want to be accessible to everyone while also providing a significant wealth and complexity of gameplay and situations." During the closed beta test, we look forward to greeting you."


According to Bandai Namco, the following is an outline of Dragon Ball: The Breakers:


Dragon Ball Breakers: There are seven "Survivors" on each team, and they must make the case with the enormous strength of the eighth player, the franchise's iconic rival "Raider," whose mission is to eradicate the Survivor team. The Breakers is a series of seven-versus-one matches in which seven normal "Survivors" have been drawn into a mysterious phenomenon known as the "Temporal Seam." The Survivors lack superpowers and must rely on a variety of power-up items, weaponry, and pilotable vehicles to battle and evade the Raider while on the hunt for the Super Time Machine, which would allow them to escape oblivion and return to the present. A Raider will be able to play as Cell, Buu, or Frieza simultaneously and amass an overwhelming amount of power, destroying the Survivor team throughout the match and ensuring complete dominance of the match.


In addition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers has a Survivor character customisation mode that allows players to personalise their match avatars by using normal Dragon Ball Survivor skins and decorative accoutrements won with in-game credits or purchased with in-game money. As a bonus, save data from Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be shared with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.




Survive in order to live. To conquer, you must evolve.


Seven ordinary civilians are stranded in a Temporal Seam after catching up in an unusual temporal event. They are forced to share their confinement with the Raider, a dangerous adversary from another timeline with immense strength.


Their last option for survival is to use the Super Time Machine to break free from the Temporal Seam, but the Raider is closing in on them and becoming stronger by the minute.


A race against time pits the Survivors' cunning against the Raider's strength as they attempt to break free or be destroyed. Either you breakthrough or you break down.


The Most Important Features


- Either as a group or on your own, escape! – When there is still time, work with others, but if the Raider or other survivors decide to fight alone, you might have to fight alone. What do you think your playing style will be?


– Getting Stuck in a Temporal Seam – Escape from a big map that is divided into several sections, but be cautious! The Raider is always on the lookout for you, and he may demolish portions of your home to minimize your living space, making your chances of fleeing even more difficult.


– Take pleasure in Three First Iconic Raiders. Cell, Buu, and Frieza are all here! – Adapted from the Dragon Ball series— As a Raider, you will have unrivalled abilities to hunt down and eliminate any remaining survivors. Master each Raider's ability to track and capture their prey to improve and become even stronger!


– Customise to Your Specification – You can choose your progression route as a Raider or as a Survivor and acquire perks, skins, and other items to fine-tune your particular plan to escape as a Survivor or to hunt as a Raider.


– Take Advantage of Unparalleled Strength -Additional Items & Add-Ons – Vehicles, weaponry, grappling hooks, and so forth. Make the most of each gimmick available to you as you square off against the Raider and fight for your life!


How to register for the closed beta of Dragon Ball: The Breakers


The introduction of the Dragon Ball: The Breakers video game sparked a lot of excitement, and you weren't alone in feeling that way. When it comes to Dragon Ball, the notion of adding 1v7 action in the style of Dead by Daylight to the world of the franchise is a welcome change of pace for a series that has traditionally been concentrated on fighting.


If you can't wait to get your hands on Dragon Ball: The Breakers, you can participate in the game's upcoming online beta testing period. Since just a PC beta has been released for the game, console users will have to wait a little longer before getting their hands on it. The first closed beta will take place on December 4 – 5, with additional platforms getting their chance closer to the launch date in 2022, assuming all goes as planned.


Do you want to participate? In order to participate, you must first go to the official Dragon Ball: The Breakers Beta website and register your interest. It will ask you a few things, such as your date of birth and whether or not you have ever played comparable games. The beta-testers will be chosen at random from among those who sign up, so there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the PC beta in any case.


Make sure to register your interest in the December beta by November 30 if you want to participate in the test.


The post-Dragon Ball: The Breakers closed beta registration instructions appeared first on Gamepur.


Dates for the Release of Dragon Ball: The Breakers


Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be released in 2022 at the earliest. Although no exact release date has been confirmed at this time, players can anticipate seeing the title as early as January. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, among other platforms. Additionally, Bandai Namco and game developer Dimps have revealed that Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be supported with the Playstation 5 and the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Pre-orders for the game are presently being accepted on Bandai Namco's official website.


Details on the Dragon Ball: The Breakers game's plot and gameplay


During a match, a squad of seven "survivors," including Bulma and Oolong, take on the "raider," legendary series villain Cell, who changes appearances throughout the match. However, while there is no in-game footage available, promotional imagery for the game depicts Frieza and Majinn Buu hovering over the cast of humans, implying that the two may be playable characters in the game. Because the two Dragon Ball antagonists are similarly well-known for their various morphing forms and are unquestionably as fearsome as their co-star Cell, this isn't surprising. Further, language on the game's website appears to imply that other Dragon Ball villains, including Frieza's morphing brother, may show up as post-launch content or DLC, implying that even Frieza himself may make an appearance.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers, on the other hand, has been announced to be set in the same shared world as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which is quite interesting. The Temporal Stream, a point where players must attempt to escape from each match, explains the relationship. In terms of gameplay, the most significant aspect of this connection is the ability for players to link their Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 saves with those from Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Right now, it isn't clear what linking these saves will do; nonetheless, it may be presumed that gamers will have the ability to play as their Xenoverse characters in The Breakers. Whatever the case may be, this is a perfect moment to revisit Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 or to check out Dead By Daylight's next DLC killer, Dead By Daylight.


Important Information Regarding The Breakers' Closed Beta


Delighted Dragon Ball lovers who can't wait to get their hands on the game will be thrilled to hear that a closed beta will be made available before the game's release. Although no specific date for the closed beta has been disclosed, Bandai Namco US has stated that the game would be released "soon" in a Twitter post. It has been confirmed that the closed beta will be released on PC, providing players who manage to gain entry to the beta with a modest experience advantage from the start of the game.


Unfortunately, console gamers will have to wait till the full release of Dragon Ball: The Breakers before they can play it. In the interim, the console release of Dead By Daylight can provide gamers who are new to the asymmetrical suspenseful thriller with an opportunity to prepare for the release of Dragon Ball: The Breakers.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers must take a break to allow its survivors to recuperate.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a planned survival multiplayer game developed by Bandai Namco and set in the DragonBall universe. If you've played Dead by Daylight, you'll understand the premise: eight human survivors must call the Super Time Machine using five Power Keys distributed throughout the landscape, all while avoiding an all-powerful Raider.


However, according to what we saw in the beta, survivors should have more of an advantage in order to maintain a balance between the two sides.


Strive to uphold.


It is believed that the Raider has sucked the survivors into a temporal fissure and trapped them with him. In an ideal situation, this would imply working together to escape. Winners will be determined by whether or not they successfully escape in the Super Time Machine with or without their colleagues. The only way for survivors to win as a group is for them all to make it out alive, which is not always the case. They have won if the Raiders can prevent even one survivor from escaping. Many players and the Raider can win at the same time, while the survivors who fail to flee at the same time are eliminated from contention.


Depending on how the game goes, each match is divided into three phases: the Search Phase, the Defense Phase, and the Escape Phase, among others. It is always necessary to complete the Search and Defense Phases in a sequential manner, and the Escape Phase is triggered based on whether the Raider destroys the original Super Time Machine or not. Surviving survivors will need to activate and escape using backup time machines, or they will need to invoke a dragon god to assist them.


Survivors seek and activate the Power Keys for all five sections of the map during the Search Phase, and they also acquire power-ups for use during the Defense Phase. Once all Power Keys have been placed in their respective locations, the Super Time Machine will appear, and the Defense Phase will commence. They must then keep the Raider from reaching the Super Time Machine and progressively engage with it until it is completely active by the time they arrive. If a larger number of people interact with the machine simultaneously, the machine will activate more quickly.


During this time, the Raider's objective is to eliminate all players. After being defeated, it can consume defeated players in order to become stronger and remove them from the game, eventually evolving into a Level 4 menace. As a result, players must exercise caution not to be absorbed and assist their other survivors in preventing the Raider from becoming stronger. Since there is only one Raider versus seven survivors, the Raider is naturally stronger and more difficult to defeat.


Escape from the Raider is possible by using rechargeable powers such as smoke screens and grappling hooks. Additionally, there's an escape pod that can transfer players anywhere in the world if they need to get out quickly. A camouflage technique that turns survivors into walking vases and barrels is also available to fit in with the environment. Super Saiyan skills are available to players once they have amassed a sufficient number of power-up cubes. However, these are intended to be employed as a last resort rather than as a means of attempting to defeat the Raider.


Players shouldn't have any difficulties playing as defensively as desired with the resources at their disposal. At first glance, the area appears to be excessively big, to the point where players could become disoriented in caverns and fail to engage with other survivors or the Raider for a significant portion of the game. The large size of the map, on the other hand, makes sense when you consider that the Raider has the option of eliminating entire sections of the map each time the map evolves. Although, running around the map wouldn't be very beneficial in the long term. Each match has a time limit associated with it. If the survivors cannot flee in time, the Raider is declared the victor.


Finding the right balance


The concept of Dragon Ball: The Breakers is reasonable in theory. However, there is room for improvement in the power dynamic between survivors and the Raider. Meanwhile, survivors scurry throughout the map to boost their levels, allowing the Raider to grow into its most powerful form rather quickly. In many cases, an entire team of survivors will be unsuccessful in their attempts to repel a Raider, even when all of them have fully charged Super Saiyan skills at their disposal. The Raider's abilities do not appear to cause much harm and expire in a short period.


The Super Time Machine emerges in a clearly defined and set area and is also a source of contention. By design, the game encourages players to congregate in one location to activate the machine more quickly, at the expense of lining up as easy prey for the Raider. The Raider is capable of taking out survivors with a single strike. Following that, they are knocked out and can only crawl. However, reviving their deceased friends is time-consuming and difficult for the survivors. The Raider leaving a downed player during the Search Phase may be acceptable in some situations. On the other hand, multitasking can be tough when the entire crew of survivors is tasked with safeguarding the time machine from the Raider.


In short, the Raider has an unfair advantage when it comes to overpowering survivors. In the roughly 20 bouts I participated in, there was no single instance in which the survivors were victorious outright. Because this is a limited beta with strict time constraints on when testers can participate, no one can expect to be an expert straight away. But the ease with which entirely inexperienced Raiders may defeat survivors with the same degree of expertise is a source of consternation for many players. It may seem like a hard border for the development team to incorporate an entirely new concept such as a health meter, but maybe they will be able to find a method to improve the game's overall balance.


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