Best Gaming Keyboards 2021: Membrane, Mechanical and More

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Whether you're gaming, surfing the web, or working on your computer, you'll spend a good deal of time using your keyboard. From its ease of use to its split-second responsiveness, the best video game keyboard will provide a well-rounded experience worthy of its role as the centrepiece of your gaming layout.


However, video game keyboards come in various sizes, and your specific needs can play a significant role in determining which keyboard is best for you. While a wireless gaming keyboard may offer greater setup flexibility and cleaner desk space, a high-end wired keyboard may offer more features and eliminate the hassle of finding new batteries or recharging regularly. While a clicky mechanical keyboard may provide a consistent experience and an enjoyable feel, you should consider a quieter option if you plan to use your pc in a sharable living space.


Each of these factors contributes to creating a keyboard that is beautiful on its own and beneficial to your health. We tested a variety of types to determine which stand out as champions in various categories. All of the keyboards on this list are worth considering; all that remains is for you to decide which one appears to be the best match for the video games setup you crave.


The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is the best gaming keyboard available.


Wired interface Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Speed, Silent key switches Features: 8MB onboard memory, detachable wrist rest, USB 2.0 pass-through, dedicated media buttons, three onboard profiles


The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is a workhorse. This gaming keyboard is customizable to your preferred playstyle, with Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Speed, or Silent mechanical switches, offering a range of clicky to smooth and linear performance. Naturally, a keyboard of this calibre includes the NKRO and anti-ghosting features necessary to ensure that all of your inputs are registered correctly in-game.


The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 doesn't skimp on style either, thanks to its RGB lighting options for each key. Additionally, the keyboard includes some convenient features for both utility and tidiness. It features a USB pass-through, which eliminates the need for multiple cables to connect your desk space to your desktop. So you can quickly adjust the volume or skip tracks without losing a beat in your game.


The SteelSeries Apex 5 is the best affordable gaming keyboard in the market.


Wired interface SteelSeries Hybrid Mechanical (Tactile) key switches Dimensions: 17.43" x 5.48" x 1.59"


You can get cheaper keyboards, even mechanical ones, but you'll miss out on a lot of what SteelSeries has to focus on providing with this keyboard. SteelSeries can replicate the sense of mechanical key switches while cutting costs by using hybrid switches.


SteelSeries achieves great value elsewhere by keeping the price of the switches low. Users get a magnetic wrist rest, full RGB lighting that you really can customize per-key (and SteelSeries RGB lighting effects are some of the best around), and a sturdy aluminium build. There aren't many other keyboards that offer this much for $100.


The Roccat Vulcan 121 Aimo is the superior mechanical gaming keyboard in the market.


Wired interface Roccat Titan Switch Tactile, Roccat Titan Switch Linear Features: 512KB onboard macro and settings memory, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, magnetic wrist rest, dedicated media buttons


The Roccat Vulcan 121 Aimo is arguably one of the most distinctive gaming keyboards available. Rather than covering the key switches with keycaps, the Roccat Vulcan 121 Aimo uses keycaps that cover only the top of the key, leaving the rest exposed. This way, the keys appear to float above the clear switch housings illuminated by RGB lighting, evocative of a cyber-age typewriter.


Surely, Roccat did not design the Vulcan 121 Aimo in this manner for no reason. Its reduced keycaps weigh half as much as standard ones, allowing for a faster reset. In terms of feel, Roccat's Titan tactile switches offer a combination of the speed of a Cherry MX Red and a higher level of tactile feedback than a typical Cherry MX Brown. Roccat recently introduced a linear speed switch that eliminates the tactile bump and reduces the actuation distance from 1.8mm to 1.4mm.


The Razer Ornata V2 is the industry's best hybrid membrane-mechanical gaming keyboard.


Wired interface Razer Hybrid Mecha-Membrane key switch options Feature set includes highly configurable keys, dedicated media controls, on-the-fly macro capturing, and magnetic wrist rest Dimensions: 18.24" x 6.67" x 1.3"


Razer has revised its already-excellent Razer Ornata to ensure that it remains a viable option for budget-conscious gamers. The Razer Ornata V2 incorporates dedicated media controls, including a volume wheel, into the previous space available in the top right corner of the original keyboard. Once you've gotten used to getting fast access to media controls, it's challenging to go back.


Apart from that, you're still getting the very same hybrid Mecha-Membrane key switches that combine mechanical feel with membrane affordability. Additionally, there is an entirely soft and comfortable wrist rest that magnetically attaches to the keyboard. Additionally, there is no shortage of RGB LEDs to illuminate the keyboard. RGB lighting on a per-key basis allows for fine-grained customization, but Razer has naturally baked in several fantastical effects.


The Roccat Magma is the industry's best membrane gaming keyboard.


Interface: Wired Key switch alternatives: Membrane 17.8" x 6.18" x 1.53" Dimensions: 17.8" x 6.18" x 1.53"


With the Roccat Magma, Roccat has added some much-needed spice to the budget-keyboard market. The name gives the best indication of the effects that this keyboard will produce. Roccat designed the keyboard over a quasi top plate that allows the keyboard's five-zone RGB lighting to illuminate almost the entire top surface. Thus, if you use red and orange, it will resemble magma. Additionally, light is shining up through each keycap with membrane key switches, illuminating the legends.


While the Roccat Magma appears to lack dedicated multimedia and macro keys, Roccat has added some additional control to your gaming experience. With the Easy-Shift button, you can map a variety of secondary inputs to a group of keys in the WASD area, which is typically where your hand rests while gaming. All of this for $60 seems reasonable, but Roccat also includes a removable palm rest for extra comfort.


The Logitech G915 is the industry's best wireless gaming keyboard.


2.4GHz Wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 interface GX Clicky, Tactile, Linear key switch choices Features: dedicated media buttons, macro buttons Dimensions: 18.7" x 5.91" x 0.87"


Overall, the Logitech G915 is an excellent wireless gaming keyboard. It's been designed from the bottom up to be low-profile, from the chiclet keyboard-style keys to the ultra-slim chassis, which sits so low that you don't even need a wrist pad. Additionally, it utilizes low-profile GX switches (essentially customized Kailh switches) that, despite their diminutive height, provide a pleasing click, tactile bump, or smooth linear motion. It supports up to three connections via its wired, 2.4GHz Wireless, and Bluetooth connections as a wireless board.


Additionally, Logitech's latest wireless peripheral boasts the incredible battery life of any wireless gaming keyboard, lasting up to 35 hours with full brightness lighting and about 1100 hours with all lights turned off. Of course, all of this wireless gaming keyboard splendour comes at a cost, with the Logitech G915 retailing for $250.


The Logitech G Pro X is the best tenkeyless gaming keyboard available.


Wired interface Logitech GX Blue, GX Brown, or GX Red key switches Dimensions: 14.2" x 6.02" x 1.3"


Tenkeyless gaming keyboards are an excellent option for gamers that do not want a numeric keypad, have a large workstation, or like to operate with their hands close together. The Logitech G Pro is a standout option in its class due to its detachable key switches, which allow for the installation of a combination of touch-sensitive, tactile, or linear switches anywhere on the keyboard—even on the arrow keys. This is the first gaming keyboard that allows for customization, allowing for the placement of different-feeling keys adjacent to one another.


Apart from its astonishing level of customizability, the Logitech G Pro keyboard is constructed like a tank. With its detachable cord and inner steel frame, this keyboard was also made to be transported to gaming events. You won't have to worry about crashing on your way to LAN parties or competitions.


Corsair K63 Wireless Tenkeyless Wireless Gaming Keyboard


2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 interface Cherry MX Red key switch options Features: dedicated media buttons, detachable wrist rest Dimensions: 14.4" x 6.81" x 1.61"


Wireless gaming keyboards are rare and far between. Still, users chose the Corsair K63 Wireless because it is every bit as reliable as its wired counterpart and makes absolutely no concessions to do so. The Corsair K63 Wireless is about as compact as tenkeyless keyboards get, but it still includes complete media controls and a battery that lasts for 10-25 hours of gaming with the blue backlight on—75 hours with the backlight turned off.


Additionally, you may connect this gaming keyboard to multiple devices with its wireless dongle and Bluetooth connection. Corsair has also released a lapboard designed exclusively for the K63 Wireless, making it one of the best video game keyboards for couch gaming.


The Magnificent Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the Most Customizable Gaming Keyboard in the Market.


Key switch options: Gateron Brown Interface: Wired USB pass-through, inbuilt memory for storing lighting profiles, dedicated media controls, and memory foam wrist rest


It's one of the few gaming keyboards that allow you to switch out your mechanical keys when you want. Although the Glorious GMMK comes with only Gateron Brown switches, they may easily be swapped out for Cherry, Kailh, or other Gateron switches.


The Glorious GMMK incorporates hot-swap bays beneath each key switch, making replacement as simple as installing a custom keycap set. Apart from eliminating the need for disassembly and soldering, this keyboard's easy swap capability enables you to chop and change various types of key switches next to one another.


Apart from the customization options, the Glorious GMMK is built on a solid chassis with full LED illumination and an aluminium faceplate. Additionally, on the software side, you have complete macro programming for all keys.


The Razer Huntsman V2 is the excellent optical gaming keyboard available.


Interface: Wired Key switch alternatives: Razer Liner Optical switch 8,000Hz polling rate, RGB illumination on individual keys, plush wrist rest, media controls Dimensions: 17.6" x 9.2" x 1.4"


So you're seeking gaming keyboards to gain a competitive edge? Mechanical keyboards are an excellent starting point, but the Razer Huntsman V2 takes it a step further by including an optical switch and an 8,000Hz polling rate. By utilizing optical key switches, Razer overcomes one of the primary factors contributing to standard mechanical keyboards' slowness: debounce. Debounce can add a few milliseconds to the time it takes for a mechanical switch to detect input, and every millisecond matters in competitive games.


Of course, the Razer Huntsman V2 is more than just a collection of technically superior switches. Additionally, it features a sturdy design that looks stunning on your desk, complete with customizable RGB lighting settings for each key. On deck, you'll also find a plush wrist rest. However, it's magnetically attached, allowing you to add or remove it as desired quickly. Additionally, you'll have quick access to specific media controls for audio changes.


The Corsair K100 RGB is the best high-end gaming keyboard available.


4,000Hz polling rate, Media controls, Elgato Stream Deck integration, iCue control wheel, LightEdge bar, per-key RGB lighting, 8MB profile storage, Macro keys, USB pass-through, cushioned palm rest


The Corsair K100 RGB is a high-end gaming mouse with features you won't find anywhere else. The Corsair K100 RGB's most prominent feature is its 4,000Hz polling rate, which promises unrivalled responsiveness. Additionally, a robust onboard processor ensures that all of your input is recognized while utilizing the complete, per-key RGB lighting, regardless of the complexity of your lighting effects.


Corsair's optical, mechanical switches or Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver switches are used on the keyboard. Additionally, dedicated media controls, macro buttons, and connectivity with Elgato Stream Deck are included. USB pass-through provides the ideal location for your mouse, and a comfy wrist magnetically mounts to the keyboard to provide extra luxury for your palms.


The Cooler Master MK850 is the best analogue gaming keyboard available.


Wired interface Cherry MX Red key switch options Aimpad technology, 512KB onboard memory, on-the-fly macro recording, dedicated media buttons, magnetic wrist rest


While optical keyboards are excellent if you want to take a step back with an additional analogue keyboard, look no beyond the Cooler Master MK850. This is Cooler Master's current flagship gaming keyboard, which features an Aimpad for complete analogue control. This peripheral's eight keys (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F) are equipped with an infrared sensor that precisely monitors how far each key is pressed along a 4mm axis.


This analogue precision comes in helpful for fine-tuning your movement speed in a stealth game, your twisting rate in racing games, and how far you lean in a first-person shooter. The entire technology is designed to emulate the fluid analogue control of a gamepad without using a physical controller.


SteelSeries Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard - The Most Customizable Gaming Keyboard on the Market


Wired interface SteelSeries OmniPoint key switch options Features: onboard memory, on-the-fly macro recording, USB pass-through, OLED Smart Display, dedicated media buttons, magnetic wrist rest


The SteelSeries Apex Pro (review) is a one-of-a-kind entrance into the world of gaming keyboards. Rather than employing mechanical or optical elements, SteelSeries' unique OmniPoint switch tracks the position of each key using magnetic fields. This peripheral can effectively tell how far you pressed down on each key using this technology, enabling you to customize each key's actuation distance. This contains everything from the primary WASD keys and the surrounding significant letters to the practically never-used arrow keys.


At 0.4mm, each key acts as a hair-trigger; alternatively, you can choose 3.6mm as the maximum actuation distance if you're constantly bottoming out. Apart from the fancy key switch technology, the Apex Pro is a well-designed, snappy keyboard with a premium magnetic palm rest. Additionally, an informational OLED screen on the top right is utilized to change profiles and settings.


If you enjoy the appearance and feel of the Apex Pro but are not interested in customizing your actuation distance, the SteelSeries Apex 7 has the same design and capabilities but comes with standard Red, Brown, or Blue switches at a considerably cheaper $160 pricing.


The Best Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard is the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB.


Wired interface; Cherry MX Brown, MX Red, or MX Blue key switches; onboard memory; macro recording; dedicated media buttons; magnetic wrist rest; Dimensions: 15.5′′ x 10.25′′ x 1.25"


PC gaming may be taxing on your hands, and RSI is a horrible condition to have if you've ever experienced weariness or pain while gaming. 


It's divided into two sections to naturally allow your hands to rest at an angle rather than parallel. Additionally, if the keyboard seems too flat against your table to operate comfortably, you may purchase an optional $25 lift kit that elevates the keyboard halves at 5, 10, or 15 degrees.


Apart from ergonomics, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is a full-featured gaming keyboard with fully programmed macros—up to three macros per key—and RGB illumination on each key.


Best Couch Gaming Keyboard: Razer Turret


2.4GHz wireless Features: Xbox Dynamic Lighting, pull out mouse tray, integrated wrist rest Dimensions: 15.35" x 7.64" x 1.45


Now that the Xbox One supports keyboard and mouse gaming, gaming PCs aren't the only devices that support it. The Razer Turret is designed for Xbox One (but works with any PC) for ultimate couch gaming.


Its underside is soft and waxy, preventing it from sliding. The right side has a mousepad tray that's somewhat magnetic to keep the accompanying gaming mouse from slipping off—at least up to a 14-degree angle.


The Turret also features Razer's brilliantly clicky Green switches for Xbox and PC gaming on a couch.


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