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Gaming on a PC isn't as straightforward as it is on a console. It's more of a case of plug and prays that your games operate nicely than plug and play. This post will teach you how to optimize your PC for gaming, boost your FPS, and boost the performance of your GPU.

However, optimizing your computer is only one-half of the equation: most games include a plethora of hidden settings that may dramatically improve how they look and feel. That's why we've looked at some of the most popular games and evaluated how to get the most out of them. Check out our comprehensive guides for the following games:

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game about survival that has evolved.

GTA V is a video game developed by Rockstar Games

Dark Souls 3 is the third installment in the Dark Souls series.

Let's look at some of the greatest performance improvements for getting your Windows desktop PC or laptop ready for the next blockbuster releases.

What is low FPS and what causes it?

Low FPS, or frames per second, occurs when your game slows down due to a lack of processing power or memory on your computer. A bad graphics card, obsolete graphics drivers, an outdated CPU, or inadequate RAM are all common reasons for poor FPS.

Games, like movies, are shown on your monitor in a rapid-fire sequence of frames. Your frame rate is the number of frames displayed on your monitor each second and is measured in FPS – frames per second.

The majority of games have a frame rate of 30 to 60 frames per second. Things will appear to be quite fluid at these rates (though many gamers will swear that nothing short of a steady 60 FPS is acceptable). Most gaming displays and contemporary gaming laptops operate at 144 to 360 Hz for competitive gaming and a super-smooth experience, allowing for incredibly fluid gameplay and decreased latency.

The frame rate will drop if your computer isn't powerful enough to continue creating all of these frames. As a result, the game seems and feels as though it is being played in slow motion.

Some of the simplest FPS boosters are also the most effective. Here are some of the greatest ways to boost FPS on your Windows 10 gaming machine:

Enable game mode in Windows 10

Whether you're gaming on an ancient museum relic or a custom-built, bleeding-edge powerhouse, Game Mode is a built-in utility that optimizes Windows 10 for gaming. To assist your computer enhance FPS in your games, Game Mode disables background activities such as Windows updates and app alerts.

Game Mode has been enabled by default in Windows 10 from mid-2019. When you're gaming, your computer should be able to recognize this and adjust its resources accordingly.

Lower your resolution

Unless you have an amazing gaming PC, you may have to make certain graphical compromises to get a higher FPS. Modern games simply cannot be played at ultra-high graphics while maintaining a steady 60 frames per second on a standard machine.

The number of pixels on your display grows as resolution increases, putting more load on your GPU. Lowering the resolution of your game can enhance FPS by easing the workload on your GPU since it won't have to handle as many pixels as each frame. The visuals won't be as sharp, but with the display settings modified, the game would run more smoothly.

Reducing the resolution from 1080p (1080 x 1920) to 900p (900 x 1600) reduces the total number of pixels by over 30%. Lowering the resolution to 720p will offer you nearly half the number of pixels as the original 1080p option, making this a useful, though inelegant, FPS improvement.

The resolution settings may be found in the options menu of your game. Experiment to discover what your computer is capable of and find the best balance of crisp visuals and faster frame rates for your Windows 10 gaming.

Change the game’s video settings

While you're experimenting with the resolution of your game, adjust the other video options for an extra FPS improvement. Some games will feature simple controls that you may alter according to your skill level: super, high, medium, low, and so on. Sliders, numerical settings, or more subtle controls will be found in other games.

To obtain greater FPS from your game, try some of the following options.

  • Reduce the quality of things like shadows, lighting, textures, and reflections in the graphics. Your game will appear less realistic, but it will operate more smoothly as a result.

  • Anti-aliasing: Anti-aliasing smooths the edges of your game's numerous elements. Turn it off, then gradually raise it till you see a change in your visuals without affecting your FPS. If the game allows you to choose between multiple forms of anti-aliasing, experiment with each one to see what occurs.

  • Reduce the draw distance if possible to prevent the game from depicting far-off objects. With fewer items to render at the same time, your GPU can concentrate its efforts on your immediate surroundings.

  • Motion blur, lens flares, and other kinds of graphical flare can be toned down or removed. It's one less thing to worry about for your GPU.

  • VSync: VSync synchronizes the game's frame rate with the refresh rate of your monitor to prevent screen tearing, which occurs when your monitor displays sections of several frames at the same time. It appears to be beneficial, and it frequently is, but it can reduce FPS. See what happens if you turn it off. Turn it back on if the screen is tearing.

Upgrade your Graphic card

Your graphics card is the heart of your gaming experience, but without the correct graphics driver, you won't be able to get the most out of it. Updating your graphics card driver might help you get more frames per second. Take a look at this graph from GPU maker Nvidia, which illustrates how gaming performance increases when drivers are updated.

Remove unused programs 

Does each software you install on your PC or laptop make Windows run slower and slower, affecting all of your games? This is because many apps execute background tasks even while they aren't being utilized, wasting important RAM on your computer.

Optimize your power settings

Increase your laptop's gaming performance by providing it with all the resources it needs. Click the battery symbol in the system tray and move the slider to best performance to optimize your power options. If your laptop isn't hooked into an external power supply, this will reduce battery life, but as long as it is, you'll be good.

Keep your Laptop Cool

The poorer your laptop's performance becomes as it becomes hotter: a hot laptop will try to self-regulate its temperatures by slowing down. Here's how to keep your laptop cool so it performs consistently well and puts less strain on its internal components:

Clean the fans and vents of your laptop. As dust accumulates, your laptop's ability to exhaust heated air decreases. Clean your laptop regularly, and make sure the vents are clear so it can stay cool. You may open up your laptop and clean its fans directly if you're feeling adventurous (and don't mind voiding your manufacturer's guarantee).

It should not be placed on your lap. The term "laptop" is deceptive. Allow air to circulate beneath your laptop by placing it on a smooth, level surface. You'll smother it if it's on your lap, a carpet, or a blanket.

Connect it. Things might become heated while your laptop is running on battery power, especially if you've tuned its power settings for performance. Keep your laptop hooked into an external power supply whenever possible.

Use a cooling platform: An external cooling stand improves airflow by blowing cold air on the underside of your laptop. You can get one for a reasonable price, and it will connect to your laptop through USB.

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Suggested Games

Jelly Doods
Lets Park
Classic Bowling
Swipe Basketball