Top 5 Tips To Increase Head shot Percentage In Free Fire MAX

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Action games are like stepping into another world where you're the hero. Imagine fighting off bad guys in a crazy, futuristic city, during intense battles in Dead City, navigating treacherous jungles in Jungle war, and that's just the beginning! Whether you're a newbie eager for excitement or a seasoned player hungry for a new challenge, action games have an electrifying experience waiting for you. So, grab your controller, and let's embark on an epic adventure together!

This blog will discuss some tips and tricks for one such adventure-filled app, Free Fire. Let's find out how we can increase the percentage of headshots in Free Fire Max. There are numerous ways to hit a headshot in the free fire game, of which five are the best for you and are highly successful. For a perfect headshot, you should adjust the game parameters.

The one-shot skull cap kill is one of the most popular skills in FREE FIRE right now, allowing players to take down their opponent with just one tap, regardless of weapon class or category.


Improving your free fire aim:

  • Red Dot: The Red Dot is critical in enhancing aim; you should always keep the size of your Red Dot as large as possible; this will make it much simpler to strike the headshots, and your goal will be associated with the adversary most rapidly.
  • Game control: To acquire complete control over the game, you have to practice and improve your movement speed. You can practice on the training ground to improve your movement speed.
  • Joystick: You have to utilize the joystick well, and your purpose is to connect the enemy in a better way. Use joystick more only when you have to fight. This move will offer you reasonable control over the game.
  • One vs one combat:
    You will benefit a lot by playing one vs one battle in the game.
    Your gaming abilities will be outstanding.
    Many players use this strategy to increase their gameplay.

  • Headshot rate: What is the level of a player? It does not matter at all in the game, and thus in the game, the game does that how much headshot rate you are taking. It would be best if you had less concentration on the body shot. This will aid you in raising the headshot rating. Hitting the enemy headshot is an excellent decision.

Ranked Mode in Garena Players like Free Fire as one of the most popular game types. Every player that wants to enhance their rank in the game has been grinding in the rated matches. Almost every pro player in Free Fire has been honing in ranked matches, and even if you are not a pro player, you should give ranked companions a try. Now, in order to improve your rating or level in the game, you must take on as many opponents as possible. What matters is not the Booyah itself but how you obtain it. The percentage of killings you have has a massive impact on your ranks and level. The most effective strategy to boost your position and your level in the game is to take headshots. Headshots are not solely determined by chance but partly by movement.

Top 5 tactics to boost headshot percentage in Free Fire:

If you want to join a large gang, you must always maintain a high kill and headshot rate. With this, you can enter any crew. That is why we have compiled the top five tips and tactics for you.

  • In the free Fire, there are two sorts of headshots: one shot and a drag shot. You must hit one shot out of these to raise your headshot rate.

    Always keep in mind that you should never attempt a drag shot; it does not boost your headshot rate; the majority of your body punches are taken, which is why you should avoid trying a drag headshot.
  • You must be aware that the opponent is always in two positions: standing in one place or moving. You must hit one tab on the adversary, always standing in one spot since scoring a headshot is a greater possibility.
  • It would be best if you did not strive to hit a headshot in tight combat as there are more possibilities of you receiving a body shot. This does not boost your headshot rate.
  • It would be best if you used a sniper to hit a headshot, and it grabs your headshot exceptionally well. There are many shooting the gun in free Fire, which is very effective for hitting headshot.
  • 480 foe safe and better headshot rate, and if not pleased, then go for 523, which enhance mobile sensitivity and gives a better headshot rate, and using it too much will damage your device, so go for 480.


  • Situp Headshot: If you encounter an opponent throughout the match, utilize this strategy to get a headshot. Sit, open your scope, take a stand, and Fire. This method is not a hack but rather a workaround for a flaw in the Free Fire script. Follow the steps to get guaranteed headshots.

    Only Draganov and M1887 will benefit from this strategy. This strategy is a little tough to do, so practice it well. When you come across an adversary, tap the prone button. Then aim at the opposite leg. Tap the horizontal button after dragging the fire button. All of this must be completed in 0.5 seconds, so practicing this method is advised.

  • Jump Drag Headshot: To take a jump drag headshot in Free Fire, simply jump and drag the fire button simultaneously. This is most likely the most straightforward approach to ensure headshots in matches.
  • OneShot or Lucky Shot: In Free Fire, this is a problematic approach to take headshots. The opponent or enemy player must be standing or crouching in a motionless position for this strategy to work. Locate the player and aim before dragging the fire button.
  • Moving Drag Headshot: This is a simple technique to obtain some excellent headshots in a close-range duel. To acquire solid headshots, drag the fire button in the same direction as the opposing player is moving.

    These are some of the methods for ensuring headshots in Garena Free Fire. Remember to pay special attention to these procedures and always use the scope to capture headshots when the rival is long-distance away. When the opponent is close, do not employ scope. Use a red dot sight instead.

    Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the battle royale game. The game has amassed millions of players currently since its inception. As a result, Free Fire's competitiveness is hitting new heights on a daily basis.

    If you're new to the game and want to be a professional Free Fire player, you should prioritize headshot accuracy. Headshots are often more damaging than body shots. As a result, in Free Fire, headshots are an excellent approach to dominate the adversaries.


Use the Proper Sensitivity Settings:

Accurate sensitivity is essential for increasing your headshot %. When you initially install Free Fire, the default sensitivity level may not be helpful. As a result, change it to your preferred gameplay style or replicate the following parameters, which are recommended for all Free Fire players:

  • Camera sensitivity in general: 50
  • Sensitivity to red dots: 100
  • 16 x 2x scope sensitivity
  • AWM scope sensitivity: 20 4x scope sensitivity: 18 AWM scope sensitivity: 20


Change your crosshair placement:

The placement of your crosshairs has a significant impact on headshot accuracy. Many beginners aim their crosshairs at the body level, which is a big mistake you should avoid. To achieve more headshots in Free Fire, always keep the crosshair at eye level. If you're in close battle and your crosshair is in the perfect place, you can take down foes in a matter of bullets by hitting headshots.


Mount a scope on the weapons:

Using a sight on the weapon allows you to score headshots quickly. Scopes in Absolutely Free of charge are primarily used to magnify the view and make it easier to see distant targets. We recommend that everyone use at least a 4x scope on sniper rifles and a 2x scope on assault weapons.

It's also worth noting that the weapon's recoil will begin to increase depending on the level of scope.


Make Aim Precision the Default:

Aim Precision is one of the essential aspects of Free Fire that assists players in improving their aim. When you fire the weapon, the option allows you to hit headshots automatically. Navigate to the Free Fire "Settings" option and then to the "Control" page to set the Aim Precision function to Default.


Engage in Training Grounds mode:

Training Grounds is a specific gameplay level in Free Fire where players can practice and hone their skills. Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes on the practice grounds honing your aim.

To enter Training mode, follow these steps:


  • Launch Free Fire on your smartphone.
  • Select a model from the mode selection menu.
  • Choose 'Training Grounds' from the drop-down menu.
  • To begin the contest, press the Start button.

    In Free Fire, maintaining a high K/D ratio, victory %, and headshots is the holy trinity for any player. They are classified as elite or specialists based on these statistics.

    While improving overall numbers is conceivable, it is tough to do, with just a handful succeeding. However, by following a few pointers, players can start on their way to achieving this aim.

    Excellent ideas for improving Free Fire stats:-
  • Play aggressively but cautiously:
    Aggressive play is a sure strategy to get more kills and a significant win percentage in Free Fire. However, it comes at a cost and is frequently regarded as a double-edged playstyle.

    Being aggressive means taking the fight to your opponent. Users cannot seek cover and expect to be eliminated, forcing them to go about in the open in search of prey.

    In this game of hunter and prey, the roles might become reserved at times, leaving players vulnerable. Aggressive players should play cautiously to avoid this.

    While kills are vital, remaining alive to enhance the K/D ratio and victory rate is equally essential. Winning the game with a few kills is more valuable than losing with a large number of kills.

  • When attempting to enhance your headshot numbers, use Laura:

    Improving headshots in Free Fire is difficult. While fire mode allows players to score headshots potentially, it is significantly easier to aim down sights and land the ideal shots.

    Players can gain the upper hand by using Laura's passive skill, Special Survival Ability, to boost their odds of landing a headshot while shooting down sight. While scoped in, accuracy increases by 35% at the maximum setting.
  • If you're not sure about Booyah, eliminate as many opponents as you can to keep your K/D ratio high:

    Obtaining a Booyah can be difficult at times during a Free Fire battle, depending on how things have developed. This might happen for various reasons, including a lack of decent loot, an incorrect landing spot, or foes who have alretyle="color:#ffa400"ady captured the end zones.

    When engaged in a match with no possibility of obtaining a Booyah, users should aim to eliminate as many opponents as possible before being taken out. At the very least, ensuring a high kill rate will compensate for the loss of dying in a match rather than winning.
  • Hotdrop zones should be avoided at all costs:

    Hotdrops in Free Fire is similar to Russian Roulette in specific ways. At times, players will land and secure kills, while at other times, they will be eliminated shortly after landing.

    Avoiding hot drop zones during matches is the best choice for players trying to increase their numbers. While these places provide numerous potential, they also pose significant threats.

  • Make use of a character with exceptional healing powers:

    Gamers who want to survive it to the final zone and secure a Booyah must choose a character with incredible healing skills. While there are numerous ways to heal utilizing a character in Free Fire, those with active healing powers will be the most effective

    Action games are super fun and exciting for gamers of all ages. Whether you're into shooting, fighting, or exploring, there's a game out there that'll make you feel like a hero. Step into the world of adventure with GameSee – the world of action games is waiting for you! We also have some awesome games like Let's Park, Brick Out,Snake Attack, and many more that you will definitely enjoy playing too!

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