Making a career by live streaming games- An underestimated concept till date

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With the advent of technology, video game live streaming has become a reality. Gamers in today's time are making a living out of it, which was not even imagined earlier. In this post, you will get a comprehensive idea of live streaming video games. You will also get to know about the pros and cons of popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch and how you can make money and grow your audience with live streaming. 


How has video game live streaming become popular?

 People are always hungry for communication and emotions. You will notice that the most popular streamers are incredibly talkative and energetic. This concept is loved by people all over the world. Another significant factor which has led to the popularity of game live streaming is a sense of community. Every gamer wants to become a part of the community. As per a study, 48% of gamers like to watch live streams and play video games themselves. Being professional eSports players, streamers help viewers learn something new as well as become great at their preferred games. The viewers can ask various questions related to the game apart from learning from gameplay. The key component of any good streamer is live interaction.


What are the things you require for video game streaming?

 The basic requirement is the machine you are using. The more powerful the machine is, there will be better stream quality. If you want a low-budget machine, you can consider an Intel Core i5-4670 processor with 8GB of RAM and Nvidia FTX 650 series or more. You can also use smartphones and consoles to live stream. A good microphone and webcam are also required apart from a powerful PC. You should never underestimate audio quality in comparison to video quality because sometimes, viewers only listen to live streams instead of watching them. You also require a third-party app such as Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio. These apps transfer the data to the streaming platform. If you want to stream sessions of chatting without any difficulty from your browser with your viewers, you can always consider going with Restream Studio. In this way, you can get rid of dozens of windows and tabs when you consider taking a break from streaming video games.

Another important thing to keep in mind is a stable internet connection. It is not preferred to live stream games on a wireless connection. An ethernet connection serves best in this area. You should always prefer a connection with good upload speed as it decides the amount of information that can be streamed every second. For decent quality live streams, an upload speed of a minimum 5Mbps is recommended. Some viewers also love the lighting and special effects as a plus point in live streaming. You can easily invest in effects like custom overlays and green screens, which can catch the attention of more viewers. You can download GameSee App for streaming games with the help of your mobile easily. It provides live streaming of high-quality, and you can also access video on demand within no time.


Which streaming platform is the best for you?

A few years back, people do not doubt this question as Twitch was the only harbour for all the gamers. But with different alternatives at present, gamers can consider other streaming platforms as well.


·        YouTube Gaming-

 YouTube Gaming is the platform preferred by many gamers these days. It has many features like an easy-to-use interface, a better-integrated chat, and convenience in earning income. The biggest con of YouTube gaming is that if you are considering growing your audience, and you don't have an established audience on a normal YouTube channel, it may become challenging for you. It also has other demerits, such as a few chat moderation options and comparatively weak new channel support.


·        Facebook Gaming-

Some streamers have experienced that Facebook Gaming is much better in terms of earning money than Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Gamers can easily share the streams in the gaming groups and on their timelines. Another merit of Facebook Gaming is a unique program known as Level Up, which gives streamers access to top-quality streaming like 1080p, 60fps. But the biggest demerit of Facebook Gaming is that it has only 11% of the entire hours watched.


·        Twitch-

Twitch is the elephant in the room of the streaming platforms. Twitch is best in everything from an easy-to-use interface and chatbots to millions of viewers and a good partner program. But this platform also has some disadvantages. You need to be aware of trolls while live streaming. There are a number of users who will try to mock and insult you on this platform. But some gamers are affected by this mocking. So, you need to be confident and calm while using this and all will turn out to be right. 

Sometimes, you want to live stream simultaneously on multiple platforms. With the help of Restream, you can multistream different platforms. Restream comes with various features such as chat, analytics, and Live Studio, which will help to improve your stream quality and increase your audience.



There is a bright future ahead of you if you want to live stream. In this way, you can pursue this magnificent career option as a professional streamer. You need to check for the basic requirements like a strong smartphone, PC, or console for streaming and other things like a microphone, webcam, and a stable internet connection. The additional benefit provided by engaging lighting is a top-notch feature to take care of. If you have decided on a game which you would like streaming, be consistent, and continuously interact with the viewers of your stream. You can always choose Restream for streaming multiple streaming platforms. In this way, the difficult choice to consider one out of many is avoided. And if you have any problem with the scheduled time, consider using Restream Scheduler. So get ready to conquer the world of video game live streaming and fulfil your dreams.



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