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Live Streaming, just like the name suggests, it refers to broadcasting and recording the video in real time. It is very important to know that streaming can be done in any form, however, live streaming certainly incorporates everything as a whole, be it social media, professional sports and video games. There are various live streaming platforms that exhibit the concept to be recognized for example, Facebook Live, Periscope, Bilibili etcetera. One of the interesting facts is that Live streaming also incorporates the procedure of covering the sports event in real time which is somehow an attraction for the viewers. Another prominent site that has gained popularity is Twitch wherein, people play video games, watch esports and be a part of the live coverage.


Never did anyone think, Live streaming would achieve recognition so drastically. People have become more acquainted with the concept of live streaming than the other ways of watching videos. Live streaming has become a full-time concern for various people than just to remain as a hobby. As a result of which, people have started making money out of the process and to be honest, it doesn't involve bits and pieces of money, it certainly incorporates immense money making and has made people rags to riches. No one can become rich overnight, also, in the gaming arena, it is important to observe and then play practically for a better experience. To start over, live streaming follows a protocol, firstly we shall discuss the way we can acquire the basic knowledge about live streaming.


More than the platform of live streaming, incorporation of apt equipment would provide a better learning and money-making experience. Things basically needed are - Gaming device, referring to a computer, Laptop or PC. The headset for a quick reception, the webcam to play face to face, Good internet connection to keep the game going without any glitches, Own choice of game and most importantly Accounts on your chosen platform as it will help in quick recognition among your gaming friends. There are various ways through which live streaming platforms can help you earn money. Let's discuss a few in detail below, firstly the players must be aware of the fact that the viewers watching them can tip them in accordance to their performance. All live streaming platforms incorporate a window of receiving tips from their fans. There are times when the players don't receive any kind of money, donation from their audience, then it is vitally important for the players to acknowledge the tips given by the people among the audience or the viewers. Believe it or not, acknowledging the effort of the fans and the audience can stimulate the viewers to tip you for the next time too.


Secondly the players can earn money through subscriptions, wherein, viewers subscribe to the particular channel or the live streaming and this is the way the players can receive the payments. It is very important to keep your content crisp and concise for more people to let you in the game attract more of their attention. There is a certain fixed amount that you get when the people subscribe to your channel. One of the top streaming games Ninja, set a record on Twitch with immense viewers, and switched to another platform where he received more than 1 million views in 2018. Certainly, Ninja jumped into YouTube and received more than 22 million viewers. Thirdly, it is essential to be aware of the fact that an infantile needs a hand to walk therefore, assisting yourself with a brand and partnering with them would be a cherry on the cake. Brand sponsorships help you reach a wide audience. Talking about the banners and advertisements, they certainly help you to control a wider range of audience. The banner or the advertisement erupts in the form of a video at the start or mid-way of the game. One brand can easily sponsor your entire channel in order to connect with the right audience.

In the category of the sponsored content, specific content is displayed wherein the developers of the game usually pay the players.


Once you acquire a special entity in the world of life streaming, marketing comes into form wherein you can acquaint yourself with various brands and promote explicit products. Following this process, the players receive a small amount of commission on each purchase. You are provided with a URL by the partners, as soon as someone does a purchase, you will get a URL that is certainly the golden ticket to receive commission. It is advised to sell the equipment that is not used by you, for more people to binge in the sales. It is important to not always run for money, rather run for recognition. Cater to reputed and valuable brands, as their marketing is free and it is better to acquaint yourself with these brands to attain free products and small lumps of money.


Another way is to let people avail your tickets virtually, however, the act of selling the tickets virtually is termed as pay-per-view streaming. To cherish the outcome, it is very important to incorporate loyal followers and post content which is worth the spending of the viewer. In some cases, posting a price tag can reduce the number of followers. Selling virtual tickets is not as easy as it seems to be. The player certainly needs to be a part of a virtual live streaming ticket process, for example, StreamTick. Through this platform you can conduct live ticket sessions on YouTube and Facebook. One the players achieve recognition, there are chances to be insecure of keeping the supreme standing intact, however in that case, it is viable to keep the money flow at the third-party platform. These third-party platforms help the players to maintain and substantia balance of the image and process donations and subscriptions.


Last but not the least, create your own merchandise, as it will help you gain attention from a larger audience. There are people who are dependent on various live streaming content and purchase the products seeing the videos. Affiliate the merchandising link with your channel to earn money. Building your own infrastructure with creativity and designing can help you partner with valuable live streaming platforms like YouTube, and provide you impeccable profits. Also, be a coach of your own game, wherein the players can easily reveal various tips and tricks to play the game by being observant in the whole scenario.  Selecting the platform of your own choice certainly helps you to be a leading edge with a handsome income. There are three aspects to be kept in mind in order to set sail the journey. The focus while streaming live should be laid on reaching a massive audience, hop into a site that charges low commission as a beginner cannot compete with the pro gamers. Last but not the least, be in a minimalistic competition with other streamers. There are countless sites where you can make money, however, jumping on to a low budget site can help you generate revenue in the best possible way. The only thing that you need to balance is that the site should incorporate an inflated number of users and incorporate a low commission scenario.

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