A 5 Step Beginner Guide to Video Game Live Streaming

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This is an emerging idea of content creation that is rapidly gaining popularity among youngsters and adults alike. A few years ago, not many people were even aware that one can create a career just by playing video games. But today, streaming video games has become a global multibillion-dollar industry, with millions of gamers indulging in various gaming activities online.


However, for a complete beginner, live streaming of video games can be quite confusing. It is a little complicated than just playing the game, and therefore, it is common to have some questions if you are a beginner. 


Beginners trying to start game streaming are often concerned about what they will need, how monetization works, what the legal guidelines are, and so on. 


To make things easier for you, we will try to answer all the early concerns about video game streaming in this article. So here's your 5 steps simplified guide that'll help you get started with video game streaming.


1. What Is Game Streaming?


Well, the name itself is self-explanatory. Video Game streaming or live streaming is when a gamer streams his live gaming sessions on the internet through live streaming platforms. People can visit these platforms and watch the games live in realtime as their favourite gamer plays. Gamers interact with the viewers and monetize their content using various methods like subscriptions and sponsorships.


2. What is the Past, Present, and Future of Online Streaming of Videogames?


Well, live streaming of video games began back in 2011 with the arrival of the popular gaming platform Twitch. But at that time, very few people know about live streaming games, and the viewership was also quite low compared to the present. 


The industry just grew relentlessly over the past decade, and today Twitch has at least 1 million people watching live streams on their platform at any time of the day. It is estimated that the most successful game streamers are today making anywhere around $100K to $800K per month. Game streaming has, therefore, become a much-desired career option for millions of youngsters around the world. 


The online gaming global market is worth more than 152 billion dollars. These numbers are expected to only increase in the coming years as more and more people are getting interested in game streaming entertainment. Recently, big companies like Google, Youtube, and Facebook have shown interest in the industry and have started gaming platforms where gamers can stream live content. 


So, in simple words, the videogame streaming industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past decade, and this eruptive progress and the industry itself has an undoubtedly promising future to come.


3. How Business Works?


For a beginner aspiring to make a career in game streaming, the question "how business works in videogame streaming?" is the most important one. 


Well, let's simplify the process for you.


Gamers stream various exciting gaming content to attract viewers to their channel. On the channel, game streamers provide reviews about the game, give out gifts, and carry out various activities to interact with the viewers. The better the streamer is at viewer-engagement, the easier it is for him to monetize the content. 


Once a streamer reaches a good volume of viewers, he can get sponsorships for his content, can generate donations from fans, and sell out merchandise on the channel. Good streamers may also receive subscription contracts from their streaming platforms. So, there are many ways for a streamer to make money once he has interested viewers on the channel.


For fans, popular streamers are no less than celebrities, and businesses understand that they can promote their product to millions of people by sponsoring the videos made by popular streamers. The chances of sales are also higher in the game streaming industry than in other content because the game streaming viewers are more active and there by choice. 


Businesses are launching products, giving out offers and gift vouchers, announcing upcoming events, and even launching new trailers on popular game streaming channels today. So, business on game streaming works both ways; the streamers get money through the content, and the companies attract sales through the viewership of the streamers.


4. What Are The Legal Issues Related to Game Streaming?


As with any content uploaded online, game streaming videos also require legal rights. Every platform has its community guidelines that have the list of rules that a streamer must follow. Before starting your stream session, make sure that you read the community guidelines carefully. 


If you plan to use some music in your videos, make sure that you have permission to use that music on a live stream. Playing copyrighted music can cause copyright infringement, and you may have to mute the audio of your stream session. 


To avoid legal issues, it is best to be check and abide by all the copyright restrictions of third-party content that you are going to use in your video.


5. What Do You Require to Become a Game Streamer?


To start your gaming channel, you will need basic recording equipment, a paying platform, and a streaming platform. So, if you plan to stream PC games, you'll need a powerful computer that can support the games you want to play. 


As a beginner, it is best to get started by streaming mobile games as you can save money by playing through your smartphone. You'll also need recording equipment like a camera and a microphone so that your viewers can see and hear you while you stream your game sessions. 


Once you have the equipment, you can now start your channel on any popular video game streaming sites. Twitch, TV, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming are currently some of the most popular streaming platforms available. However, it can be quite difficult for a beginner to gain traffic among the big competitors on these famous platforms. We recommend that you start your game streaming journey through https://www.gamesee.gg


Download GameSee App which offers a starting line for beginners to understand how game streaming works and helps you grow as a professional in the video game live streaming industry.


And that's your 5 step guide to live game streaming. We've almost covered everything that you need to know about the industry. So, don't waste time anymore and kick start your game streaming journey today.


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