5 Best Landing Locations In The Free Fire to Rank Up Faster After OB30 Update

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Free Fire is a competing battle royale game mobile launched by Garena in 2017. It is among the most popular mobile games in history and logged more than 100 million daily players in August 2020. In the game, you will be placed on an abandoned island with 49 other players to collect goods, weapons to battle until there is only one person to survive.


Other than casual modes, there are also rank modes for players who wish to have some difficulties and play against players as skilled as them. By playing rank modes and achieving high tiers, players will earn rewards correspondingly.


Wanted to know where to land to rank up quicker in Free Fire? Here are five top spots for hot drops in Free Fire following the OB30 update.


For those of you who have been waiting to get back into Free Fire, now is your chance. After the OB30 update and all of these changes in the game balance-wise- not everything has changed! Ranking up still poses quite a hassle, but there are ways around this - we recommend choosing an appropriate location as soon as possible, so rank doesn't keep you down for too long. 


The player should start ranking from Rank 40 then working their way towards 100%.


Clock Tower (Bermuda)


The Clock Tower is an exciting place to drop because it's near those who want a thrilling match. It will not be the hot spot for Free Fire gamers, so if you have your heart set on that kind of adventure, then this isn't where you should start looking! 


Updates may come and go, but Clock Tower will always be a hot drop zone for Free Fire. Although this dropping location is unpredictable, players who can effectively lock it down will win many points through elimination. Given that players circulate the region constantly, there will be no lack of points that competent players may gain.


Peak (Bermuda) 


While many regarded Peak as one of the greatest landing sites in Free Fire, it sees less activity as time goes by. After the OB30 update, the place even has less combat. However, you should travel to this region if you want to rank up in the game. Peak offers a fair quantity of treasure, and you can rotate when the region no longer has opponents.


As Peak is rated a hot drop spot, the region is witnessing less activity as time passes by. Following the Free Fire OB30 upgrade, the area is experiencing less conflict.


While that might just be a fluke, the area is one of the finest spots for players to land to rank up in-game. The region offers plentiful treasure, and players may quickly rotate when the area has been clear of adversaries or escape a gunfight.


Command Post (Kalahari) 


Changes are inevitable. However, Command Post always remains a fan-favorite drop point. It features good loot and decent protection from Free Fire snipers due to the number of current buildings.


Both aggressive and passive players can land here for ranking up since it suits and supports various players. The only thing to take care of is that Command Post includes opponents that are masters in shotgun and always searching for players to shoot them down.


Both passive and aggressive players can land here to rank up as suited and support several players. The only thing to worry about in this area are opponents that have mastered the shotgun and are aggressively hunting for players to take down.


Moathouse (Purgatory)


If inactive players desire an easy beginning to the game, Moathouse is pretty excellent to drop on. Except being incredibly secure for a complete squad to travel to, it also gives lovely treasure.


While revolving to the center land may be quite a challenge, overall, the region is ideal for novices and passive expert players to land and rank up in the game. Although shifting to the mainland may become a difficulty, other than that, the area is perfect for beginners and seasoned passive players to land at to level up in Free Fire.


 Brasilia (Purgatory)


The final but not most miniature zone among the finest landing sites in Free Fire is Brasilia. It is instead a weird mark for dropping. Players can either land on a hot-drop or an area with scarcely any other players. Nevertheless, this area is ideal for both aggressive and quiet players.


If you enjoy a passive type of gameplay, you may spend time here as it is in the heart of the map. Aggressive players can also land here to plunder and go out looking for adversaries to defeat. It is an excellent place either way for ranking up in Free Fire.


Nonetheless, this spot is great for both passive and aggressive gamers. Those who like a passive gameplay style can spend a lot of time here as it's located in the heart of the map. Meanwhile, aggressive players might land here, loot up and go out in the quest for opponents to destroy. Either way, it's an excellent place to land to rank up in Free Fire.


In Free Fire, arriving in a great spot is critical: If you select the correct spot to start the game, you will collect the loot quicker and get a huge edge over other rivals. It is one of the hardest issues for beginners: They do not know when to leap from the plane and which places are the greatest for obtaining the treasure. We have developed this guide for offering precisely this advice - you may now start the game with an edge and enhance your chances of becoming the ruler of the island.


When to Jump From The Plane


The Free Fire Island is not that huge, and the flight route starts from either South or North. Depending on the course, immediately after passing the "Mars Electric" or "Shipyard" zone, the "jump" button becomes activated. So you can jump while you are passing the "Pochinok" or "Plantation" zone at the earliest. Doing this will generally make you land in the "Power Plant" area. More than half of the players generally land here. For the same reason, the Power Plant location witnesses severe battles at the beginning of the game, and generally, 10 - 15 players die here in the first few minutes.


Simply, it would be best if you avoided landing in the Power Plant area. The plant is practically in the midst of the flight route, and your best option is jumping from the plane after you pass it, above the Mountain Pass zone. The eastern sections of the island are excellent for landing, particularly the Cape Town area. However, to arrive there, you need to activate your parachute as quickly as possible after jumping from the plane. By opening your parachute, you may glide in a specified direction while still in the air. So, our advice is:


Jump off the plane while you are over the "Mountain Pass" location.


Open your parachute as quickly as possible and glide to the east. Aim for Cape Town or Kota Tua.


This strategy has a "small" drawback: If you don't release your parachute as soon as the choice becomes available and start gliding to the east, you will still land around the Power Plant region and become a flying target for others who landed before you. We have spoken about this in our ten strategies to Become the Top Player post. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to glide to the east, disregard the parachute and try to land as soon as possible. After you touch the ground, grab a vehicle and start travelling towards the Cape Town zone.


Best Areas for the Best Loot

Cape Town and Kota Tua: Cape Town may be the "quietest" region in warfare. Most players pass this region completely since it is distant from the centre of the playing field, and landing here is not that simple. So you may acquire treasure here without being bothered by anyone. The region comprises a couple of buildings, and assault weapons generally spawn in them. You may find Level 1 helmets and backpacks too. Kota Tua is likewise a peaceful location but quite low in loot, and it includes virtually no structures. If you arrive here, start sprinting to Cape Town, it is quite near. No need to utilize a vehicle.


Mill: The Mill area sits on the highest hill on the island. The buildings here are huge but not many. Sniper guns are frequently positioned in structures in this region. If you succeed in locating an 8x scope, you may take control of the "Peak" zone in particular. Peak is quite near to the Power Plant zone and highly busy for the same reason. So you can shoot other players from a distance and with a smile on your face before they even get the chance to don armour. However, do not stay here for long: You will be readily seen. Relocate to another location (if feasible, to Keraton) after you remove a couple of players.


Nameless Island: This is a very little island located in the South West of the main island. It does not have a name. But it has five tiny structures that are wealthy in terms of treasure. Landing here is impossible, but you may access the island by landing in the Hangar area and moving to the South. There are a few assault weapons, scopes, backpacks, and body armour in these structures. You can construct a great weapon and armour configuration from the beginning of the game. However, there is a catch: The unnamed island nearly always stays beyond the safe zone. So you cannot stay here for long - use this region solely for treasure and get back to the main island.


Following the previous OB29 release, Garena presents the Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day update. Free Fire has been repairing many bugs and adding new characters, attachments, and weaponry to make the battle royale experience enjoyable but preserving the balanced gameplay. Here are the detailed patch notes from the Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update.


The Clash Squad spawn position is changed in the Bermuda map. It was tough for the teams to engage due to spawning in the bottom section of The Clock Tower zone. Besides, the play zone in Mars Electric got a modification to ensure the warehouse is in the middle of the map. The modification is on the spawn spots for both sides to make this map more balanced.




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